Have this attitude in yourselves which was also in Christ Jesus... He humbled Himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross.  (Phil 2:5-8)


WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS  (click on the underlined verses to read them)

He did not live to please himself.  Rom 15:1-3

He did not seek honor from men.  John 5:41-43

His highest priority was to do the will of His Father, and to finish His work.  John 4:31-38, John 5:30, John 6:37-40  John 12:49-50,  John 14:7-11   (See Christ's Obedience)

He knew that once His work was finished, He was going to the Father and would be glorified with the Father.  John 17:1-5,  John 13:1-4John 16:5,  

He knew that before He could come in glory (See Christ's Coming), He must first suffer and be rejected.  Luke 17:24-25John 12:23-28

He endured immense suffering and hostility for the joy set before Him  (in heaven at God's throne).  Heb 12:1-3John 12:23-28

Although He deserved honor and praise on earth as God, He emptied Himself and took the form of a servant.  Phil 2:5-11Luke 14:11

Our attitude should be like His who, after humbling himself, became obedient even to death.  Phil 2:5-11  

His demeanor was characterized as quiet and gentle.  Isa 42:1-4  (Jesus quoted this verse in Matt 12)

He knew and accepted God's purpose for His life.  Luke 4:18-21

When tempted to gratify His own needs, He chose to trust God's Word and wait for His victory.  Matt 4:1-5

When tempted to accept immediate earthly glory, He didn't waver from His Father's plan and purpose.   Matt 4:8-10

He knew He had the power to escape His suffering.  Yet, He was faithful to His purpose and did not fight back.  Matt 26:50-56,   John 18:7-11   (See in context:  Matt 26:36-56)

He accepted His suffering and death because it was for that purpose He came.  John 12:23-28

When He was oppressed and afflicted, He did not open His mouth.  Isa 53:7    (See all of Isaiah 53)

When falsely accused, He kept silentMatt 26:60-68Matt 27:11-14,  Mark 14:60-65,  Mark 15:2-5John 19:6-12

Without turning away, He gave Himself to being hit, spit upon, and having his beard plucked.  He was not rebellious and did not hide His face from shame.   Isa 50:5-7

He knew that God would help Him and that He would not ultimately be disgraced or ashamed.  Isa 50:5-7

Despite His suffering, He was neither crushed nor disheartened as He faithfully brought forth justice.  Isa 42:1-4  (He quoted this verse in Matt 12)

It was purely His choice to lay down His life, no one could take it from Him.   John 10:17-18

Even on the cross, He still showed compassion.  Luke 23:33-35


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